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Central heating, maintenance and installation.

If you would like to discuss replacing your boiler or installing a new central heating system give us a call or email us on our contact page, we can talk about what type of system is best for you and your property and arrange to carry out a survey and provide a written assessment on request.

If you are having problems with your central heating, perhaps your opend vented cylinder has a three port valve that sticks, and your radiators fail to heat up. Your pump starts to make a noise or water is forced out of your vent pipe into your small feed and expansion tank.

A copper cylinder typically a 900 x 450 in an older system can develop a slow leak at the base which can go unnoticed for a considerable amount of time. Proper maintenance, and an annual health check of your plumbing can alleviate this problem.

These are common problems that can easily be rectified, however sometimes the problems are more serious and in these cases your system may need to be re-configured to solve the problem.

We provide a Power Flushing service for systems where corrosion has blocked individual radiators or in some cases the whole system. Our engineers can clear a standard two pipe system with an average nine radiators in a day. We reccommend new lockshield and thermostatic radiator valves called (TRV) to give your recently flushed system its maximum efficiency and longevity. We will rebalance your heating circuits and refill the system with a corrosion inhibitor, which, if checked annually can add many years extras service to an existing installation.

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