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Thermostatic Radiator Valve

A special radiator valve desigend to open or close the valve automatically, allowing hot water to the radiator, as the room requires heat. The valve is fitted with a built in heat sensor, or the sensor can be fitted away from the valve and located in a better position; remote sensors prove useful if the radiator valve is often covered with a curtain etc. The valve works as follows;

  1. Should no heat be affecting the heat sensor the valve will remain open, caused by the pressure regulating spring lifting the valve from its seating.
  2. As the sensor heats up, the volatile liquid expands and is forced into the bellows chamber exerting a presuure on the bellows.
  3. The bellows is slowly compressed and pushes on the pressure pin closing the valve. As the sensor cools the liquid contracts and the pressure regulating spring re-opens the valve.

When installing thermostatic radiator valves into a system it is essential that not all the heat emitters are fitted with a means of thermostatic control, as should they all close at once no heat can escape from the boiler and the pump could be pumping against this negative pressure, possibly resulting in unnecessary damage. Should a radiator need to be removed at any time it is generally necessary to remove the temperature sensing heand and secure the pressure pin down with a special manual locking nut, otherwise, should the temperature drop in the room, the valve may open resulting in the discharge of water onto the floor.

Plumbing Help: Thermostatic Radiator Valve
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