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Drains repairs and clearance. We do all domestic blocked drains, blocked toilets and pipework.

Do you want your drains cleared? Repairs and clearance usually same day.

We have highly trained and experienced drain clearance staff working in order to save you money and ensure that you receive the best drainage services.

We clear all blocked drains. Perkins Plumbers are drain clearance specialists and work with:

  • blocked drains
  • blocked toilets
  • blocked sinks, basins, baths and showers
  • waste disposal units, macerators and grease traps
  • manholes, interceptors and gullies
  • rainwater down pipes

We are an experienced Mansfield based professional Power Flushing equipped Company

A build up of deposits in your central heating system can depend on several factors, if left unattended it can reduce the efficiency of your heating system, cause failures in your radiators and blockages in your primary pipework system.

You will be left with higher bills for heating and repair bills for replacing pumps, valves and pipework.

The Remedy? To remove the sludge and deposits by power flushing your system.

Each heating system installation is unique, their condition depends on type, usage and age of the system.

We provide a free, no obligation, inspection of your heating system. In many cases the solution can be minor surgery to you existing system. In either case we can help.

See our Powerflushing guide for further information

Powerflushing Guide


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